Blood of the Sixth-New Release



Today is the day!   I am very excited to share with the world, my first horror novel, Blood of the Sixth.  If you love witchcraft, demons, blood and gore, then you will definitely enjoy this novel.  Halloween is right around the corner, so sit back, turn out the lights and read something creepy.  Grab Blood of the Sixth and get in the mood for the scariest month of the year!

Blood of the Sixth is now available in e-book and paperback at Amazon.

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Blood of the Sixth official blurb:

In the quaint Southern town of Port Bella Rosa, something sinister lurks beneath the cobblestones.  When hunger stirs a centuries-old evil, a demon awakens, releasing its hunters in search of prey. Jackals swarm from the mist, seeking out quarry, sating their master with offerings of human flesh.

Allie Kent catches a glimpse of the first victim: a corpse with its organs, muscle and bone all consumed, leaving nothing more than skin behind. While police work to solve the unexplained murder, more bodies are found mutilated. Finally convinced the killer isn’t human, Detective Phillip Chambers is desperate to shield Allie from harm.

But something haunts Allie: shadows spill through her darkened window; nightmares invade her sleep while visions confuse her waking thoughts. With Phillip her only protection, Allie struggles to keep her independence in check while treading a thin line between reality and insanity.  But is the evil dwelling beneath the stones her only true threat—or will the demons in Allie’s head have the strength to destroy them both?

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The Jersey Devil by Hunter Shea-Book Review


“If it can bleed, it can die.” ~The Jersey Devil by Hunter Shea


I’ve read and reviewed a plethora of books, but not many make it to my blog.  Before I post one, I ask myself the following questions:

  1. Was the writing fantastic?
  2. Did the plot keep me excited and reading without skipping pages?
  3. If it is horror, did it make me turn on the lights?

If the answers are yes to all of these questions, I consider the book a 5 star novel, and The Jersey Devil is definitely one of those books.


Old man Willet had a secret; a secret he and his family hid, and a secret they didn’t fully understand.  After years of lying dormant, The Jersey Devil decided to make a reappearance.  Sightings became more frequent and turning violent where they hadn’t  before.  Somehow tied to this creature, the Willet family, along with cryptozoologist Norm Cranston,  set out to find the Devil with the intent to destroy him, and hopefully sever all ties with the monster.  Read to find out if the Willets succeed, or if the Jersey Devil lives to terrorize another day.

I’ve been looking for a great horror book and definitely found it in this one.  The Jersey Devil kept me awake every night reading in the dark, sometimes forcing me to get up and roam through the house turning on the lights.  It did what I’d hoped.  It kept me up, made me paranoid, and afraid to turn out the lights.  Great work Mr. Shea!

I give this one 5 stars!



Review of Deadfall Lane by Israel Finn




In a rage, Pete Denning commits an unspeakable act while in a desperate attempt to keep that which he loves –his son. But eliminating his problem doesn’t solve anything. It only breeds and nurtures his worst nightmare.

I’ve read Deadfall Lane twice and yes, it is that good.   It is a very short story that took me only about twenty minutes to read.

Finn weaves a chilling and gripping tale that left me thinking about it long after I finished reading it. This story has it all: love, hate, rejection, betrayal, murder and a deep, heavy creep factor to hold it all together.

Finn is an excellent author and I’ve read a few of his other stories, such as No Such Thing as Monsters and Stones. All are beautifully written and I recommend any one of Israel Finn stories.  If you have a few spare moments and want to fill them with something great to read, grab one.

Deadfall Lane gets 5 stars.

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Israel Finn

Israel Finn  is a horror, dark fantasy, and speculative fiction writer, and a winner of the 80th Annual Writer’s Digest Short Story Competition. He’s had a life-long love affair with books, and was weaned on authors like Kurt Vonnegut, Ray Bradbury, Richard Matheson, Arthur C. Clarke and H.G. Wells. Books were always strewn everywhere about the big white house in Indiana where he grew up. He loves literary works (Dickens and Twain, for instance), but his main fascination lies in the fantastic and the macabre, probably because he was so heavily exposed to it early on.

Later he discovered Robert McCammon, Dean Koontz, F. Paul Wilson, Dan Simmons, Ramsey Campbell, and (God help us, everyone) Stephen Edwin King, as well as several others, and the die was indelibly cast.

Right now he lives with his wife in southern California.


Review of KIN by Kealan Patrick Burke



Elkwood, AL

A teenage girl is found wandering alone; nude, battered, missing an eye.  Her friends murdered, her captors hot on her trail, she escapes to live another day with the help of an old man and his son.

KIN is the best book I’ve read this year.

Not only did KIN keep me glued to my kindle, Burke’s detailed descriptions horrified me and turned my stomach.  I could almost smell the rancid stench of “Mama-in-bed” and nearly gagged along with her son Luke, when he tasted the putrid funk infusing the air of her room.

Without giving away any of the plot, I have to say that the moments leading up to Luke’s “rebirth” is quite possibly the best and most unsettling scene I have ever read in a book.  Just the thought of this scene disturbed me for days.  So much so, in fact, I had to read it to a few others to disturb them as well.  A good disturbance is meant to be shared.

Burke’s writing style has a unique descriptive quality, both horror and non-horror.  In perfect contrast to the more shocking descriptions, I found quite a few beautifully written lines, such as, ” … consciousness flickering like a candle flame in a draft.”  and “The breeze snatched the smoke from the car, dragging it into the rain.”

This author’s ability to make me love, hate, and empathize with his characters is incredible. In the end, I actually felt sorry for one of those murderous bastards and found myself cheering for him.

Contrary to a statement an Amazon reviewer posted, the family as a unit, did not approve nor condone incest.  These people were sick, murderous, and cannibalistic, but inner family relations were harshly dealt with.  As a Southern girl, I am pleased that Mr. Burke did not fall into this type of stereotypical behavior with the characters of this story.  Yeah, yeah, I know, but I am ok with reading about murder and cannibalism. We all have our demons.

I give this one a firm 5 stars.  In all honesty, I absolutely loved this novel, but if you are easily disturbed, this book may not be for you.

Otherwise, read it!  🙂

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Review of Treed by Craig McGray


McGray hacked open the pages of this short story, shoved in a load of gore and depravity, and sewed it up tight with the threads of freakin’ awesome.

Treed is a mini story with maximum punch. When a deal between two psychopaths goes sour, the deadly duo find themselves stuck in a twisted alliance and haunted by the same gruesome specter.   While in the forest attempting to cover up their latest despicable deed, the two men find that this time, they are not the ones creating the nightmares, but in fact they are forced to face the demons of their own.

This story took me about an hour to read.  It is well written, well thought out, and very descriptive.  It was gross, disturbing, and a little stomach turning–as it should be.  The dialogue was very nicely done and refreshingly foul, the story original, and I enjoyed the slight touch of humor here and there.

One line I particularly enjoyed was, “… moving her was like moving a plank of wood-a bloody, sticky plank.”  I have to admit, that gave me bit of a chuckle.

I’m looking forward to reading more of McGray’s work.  I have no trouble recommending this one.

I give this one 5 stars.

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Review of Madeline by Craig McGray


This is a great short horror story. McGray does an excellent job at capturing the fear of a father who is desperate to protect his child from evil. This story is fast paced from beginning to end. It sets a frightening scene that drags the main character from a hard day of work, and into a terrifying, shadow filled forest. This story is very well written, intense, and leaves me wanting to read more of McGray’s work. It was a very short read and if you find that you have a few minutes to spare, I certainly recommend it.

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Have an awesome day! -KRRowe