Review of Treed by Craig McGray


McGray hacked open the pages of this short story, shoved in a load of gore and depravity, and sewed it up tight with the threads of freakin’ awesome.

Treed is a mini story with maximum punch. When a deal between two psychopaths goes sour, the deadly duo find themselves stuck in a twisted alliance and haunted by the same gruesome specter.   While in the forest attempting to cover up their latest despicable deed, the two men find that this time, they are not the ones creating the nightmares, but in fact they are forced to face the demons of their own.

This story took me about an hour to read.  It is well written, well thought out, and very descriptive.  It was gross, disturbing, and a little stomach turning–as it should be.  The dialogue was very nicely done and refreshingly foul, the story original, and I enjoyed the slight touch of humor here and there.

One line I particularly enjoyed was, “… moving her was like moving a plank of wood-a bloody, sticky plank.”  I have to admit, that gave me bit of a chuckle.

I’m looking forward to reading more of McGray’s work.  I have no trouble recommending this one.

I give this one 5 stars.

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Review of Sam by Darlene Purcell


Sam is a touching tale of love, compassion, deceit, and survival. Set in the old west, we meet Sam Johnson, a dying man, whose sedated thoughts take us back to relive his unusual life. Sometimes hilarious, and always heartwarming, we get a glimpse of his poor but happy childhood.

The story then shifts to Violet. Desperate, crying, and nowhere to go, Sam takes pity on her and offers her a job and a place to live. Although Sam is not a good-looking man and his hygiene is atrocious, eventually Violet falls in love with him—but the feeling isn’t mutual. In a selfish act of deceit and betrayal, Violet tricks Sam into marrying her, forever destroying their friendship.

About half way through the story, we find that Sam has a secret.

Take a peek and find out why Sam can never love Violet the way she truly wants to be loved. I really enjoyed reading Sam. It was a very well written novel and I found myself reading every chance I had.

Some of the dialogue was a little hard to understand but once I got accustomed to it, it was fine.

I do not hesitate in recommending this book. I loved it!

I give it a five star.

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Review of Pilgrimage of Angels by Raymond Sardella and J.D. Rice



The endless fields of heaven burned for days on end …

The first line of this book hooked me instantly.  After I finished the first chapter, I couldn’t stop reading.

The mixture of mythology and religion is ingenious.  The descriptive scenes are so nicely done that I felt like I actually woke in a field of new born Angels.  I could almost smell and feel the scorched lines of the earth as Hermes followed the smoking paths of the fell-beasts through the green fields of Heaven.  I felt Greagian’s pain from the loss of a friend in battle and his overwhelming emotion as he stood at the throne of our Father.

If the vivid descriptions are not enough, there is plenty of fast paced action and fighting to keep you occupied as you read.  This is a very nicely written book and I’m very impressed.  I do need to point out that this is not a religious book.

The only negative was that it ended, but it really hasn’t.

The war has only begun …

I give this one a 5 star.

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Review of Remembered by E.D. Brady (The Vistira Trilogy: Book 1)


Who doesn’t love a good romance?

When I started reading Remembered, I had no idea what it was about, but I was hooked instantly.  The love between Annie and Kellus was beautiful.  They were destined to be but when supernatural events ripped Annie from Kellus’ life, he was devastated.

Catapulted to another time, place, and age, Annie had no memory of the life she once led.  Her age having been reversed to six, she turned up alone on the doorstep of a New York police station.  With no identity or family, Annie lived her life as Emily until recurring dreams of a handsome man forced her to seek counseling.

Kellus’ desperate love for Annie reached through time, space, and worlds, to finally bring her back to him, only to have her face once again, the threat that ripped them apart.

Unfortunately, the mixture of future and past items within the same world, such as the use of carriages alongside modern day medicine was troubling.  I also wanted to know more about how her friend in New York dealt with her disappearance.  Since this is a trilogy, I hope her other life is revisited.

None of the negative points of this book detracted from that fact that it kept me up reading way past my bedtime for more than one night.  After all, this is a work of fiction and I keep my mind open–anything can happen.  The love story was wonderful and I really enjoyed the action at the end.  It was a real page turner and I honestly couldn’t put it away.

I can’t wait to read the next books  in the series.

Loved it!

I give this one four stars.

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Review of Suki by C.F. Winn


Suki is a beautifully written love story and quite different than any other that I’ve read.  An unlikely and surprising narrator takes the reader through an array of emotions; hope, happiness, excitement, uncertainty, love, laughter, grief, and devastating loss.  It takes a brilliant author to write a story that will actually make me cry, and I have to admit, this one did.  What does love really look like?  We think we might know, but C.F. Winn shows us that it isn’t always what we expect.  The point of view choice in this book is quite original and refreshing.  Suki really touched my heart, and will be with me for a very long time.  Thank you, C.F. Winn, for writing such an amazing story.

I give this one a 5 star!

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Review of Madeline by Craig McGray


This is a great short horror story. McGray does an excellent job at capturing the fear of a father who is desperate to protect his child from evil. This story is fast paced from beginning to end. It sets a frightening scene that drags the main character from a hard day of work, and into a terrifying, shadow filled forest. This story is very well written, intense, and leaves me wanting to read more of McGray’s work. It was a very short read and if you find that you have a few minutes to spare, I certainly recommend it.

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Have an awesome day! -KRRowe