Review of Flowers for Evelene by Joseph A. Pinto


When we first meet Doug, he appears to be a normal average guy, but just a scratch below the surface, we find a tortured, confused man battling a consuming addiction—Evelene.

Doug tried to fight Evelene’s seduction and thought he’d won, but he made a horrid mistake. He invited her into his life again. Now she’s relentless, haunting him, whispering in his ear, convincing him that all those who are dear to him are trying to cause him harm. She pulls him back into her world repeatedly, but will he finally break free, or will he succumb to all she desires?

See for yourself.

I am impressed with the author’s ability to lock us inside the mind of a man who appears to be going insane. The question of Evelene’s existence is always in the forefront our minds. Is she real? Is she a demon? Is she a figment of Doug’s imagination? She is his addiction, and that is about as real as it can get for Doug.

Joseph Pinto’s writing is fluid, descriptive and a joy to read; no stumbling over awkward sentences, no eye-catching errors, just a nice relaxing book with an addictive plot that kept me turning pages as fast as I could.

Just remember, this is erotic horror, so don’t expect your Granny’s Reader’s Digest.

Be prepared for anything.

I gave this one 5 stars.

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