Review of Pilgrimage of Angels by Raymond Sardella and J.D. Rice



The endless fields of heaven burned for days on end …

The first line of this book hooked me instantly.  After I finished the first chapter, I couldn’t stop reading.

The mixture of mythology and religion is ingenious.  The descriptive scenes are so nicely done that I felt like I actually woke in a field of new born Angels.  I could almost smell and feel the scorched lines of the earth as Hermes followed the smoking paths of the fell-beasts through the green fields of Heaven.  I felt Greagian’s pain from the loss of a friend in battle and his overwhelming emotion as he stood at the throne of our Father.

If the vivid descriptions are not enough, there is plenty of fast paced action and fighting to keep you occupied as you read.  This is a very nicely written book and I’m very impressed.  I do need to point out that this is not a religious book.

The only negative was that it ended, but it really hasn’t.

The war has only begun …

I give this one a 5 star.

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