Review of The Dead Lands by Dylan J. Morgan


One hundred years after nuclear war devastated Hemera, its President sends a distress signal to its sister planet, Erebus. Hemera’s president has awakened and needs help. Lane, a government hit man, is forced into a military mission to Hemera to find and rescue the president. Lane is thrown into the mix with twenty other soldiers, many of whom despise him–including a former love interest.

Told the planet was uninhabited—no life existed—the soldiers stepped foot on its surface to find they were not alone.

Mankind existed–but so did something else.

Morgan nailed it with The Dead Lands. This book has everything: great characters—both loved and despised, a touch of romance, a touch of humor, a whole lot of blood, gore, guts, brains, and my favorite—bone fragments.

The action was almost nonstop, and absolutely teeth-clenching and nail-biting. The author added just the perfect amount of down time between action sequences to allow the reader to take a deep breath and get ready for more.

Morgan’s writing is beautifully descriptive. Not only is he well versed in describing carnage, some of the scenes he paints for the readers are absolutely gorgeous. One of my favorite lines was, “Water droplets fell like stars discarded by the arrival of early morning sunlight.”
Simply poetic …

The author has an uncanny knack of pulling the reader directly into the mind of his creations. I wanted to cry, puke, and pee my pants right along with the characters.

The Dead Lands is a shining example of how excellent writing and a great plot come together to make a fantastic book.

Guys, this has everything you’ll ever ask for in a book. Ladies, there is a love story hidden in its pages.

I give this one 5 stars. If I could give it more, I would.

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