My Favorite Character


**Spoiler Alert.

Who is my favorite character in Amber and

You may be surprised.

If you have read Amber and
, you’ve probably found yourself caught up in the struggle between the
two primary male characters. Choosing sides is inevitable.  Who have you
chosen?  Who do you want to disappear?  The precious, slightly clumsy Alex?  The
smooth, but questionable Lucien? And what do they look like?   

Early in
the book, I did choose sides between the two, and it is not the most popular
side.  This might lead you to wonder what will really happen in
Amber and Blue II-Victory.  I will never tell.  🙂

Above all,
the most interesting character to develop was Sebastian.  I realize he was
despised by most readers, but I absolutely loved him!  I found myself egrossed
in the reaseach of what makes this type of individual tick.  What do they think,
how do they feel?  What kind of dark secrets do they hold in their mind?  Did
something happen to them in their childhood to create such

Sebastian wanted to feel normal. He wanted to feel human like
everyone else but could not control his dark inner self.  He was afraid and
forever alone.

Why do you think he was so evil?  What would he have done
to Grace if he hadn’t been stopped?  Was his final act done from the fear of
getting caught, the pain and confusion of how he felt inside, or did he really
love Grace, and deep down, he never wanted to hurt her?

What or who would
you like to know more about?  Give me a shout at or comment
below.  Would love to hear your thoughts or questions. 


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