Crippling hunger, never abates,
Craving for flesh, the spirit creates.

With the howling wind, its feeding consumes,
The cannibal’s lust, the monster exhumes.

Blood of the dead, the glutton will feast,
But never shall sate the Wendigo beast.

-K. R. Rowe

The Next Big Thing


I was invited by Victoria Thurman, the fantastic author of The Dating Dilemmas of Delilah Dunnfield, to participate in a question and answer blog interview about my newest book.  I was thrilled to participate. I have added her link to the bottom of my page. Please take a look at her interview and read about her book.


What is your working title of your book?

The working title of my book is Amber and Blue II-Victory.  This is the much anticipated sequel to Amber and Blue.  I am very excited about getting this one out to my Amber and Blue fans.  Most of the feedback from the readers of my first book has been to ask that I hurry and finish its sequel.  Their wish has been my number one priority!  🙂



Where did the idea come from for the book?

The idea of Amber and Blue II-Victory came while I was nearing the end of Amber and Blue.  I had nine single spaced pages of ideas before the first book was copy edited.  The three main characters were not quite finished with their story.


What genre does your book fall under?

Romance /Suspense/Action


Which actors would you choose to play your characters in a movie rendition?

I would like to see a slightly shorter version of the T-Mobile girl for Grace.  I do not have anyone in particular for Alex or Lucien, but my search is thorough and diligent.


What is the one-sentence synopsis of your book?

This consuming romance pulls you from the banks of the Tennessee River, and drops your heart and emotions into the war torn streets of Old Montréal.


Will your book be self-published or represented by an agency?

Amber and Blue II-Victory will be self-published through Amazon and Smashwords.  Smashwords will then distribute to Itunes, Barnes & Noble,  Kobo, and many other vendors.


How long did it take you to write the first draft of your manuscript?

The first draft took about two and a half months.  The story is complete but I wrote it as fast as it came out of my head.  Now, I am in the much longer editing process.


What other books would you compare this story to within your genre?

I am unable to honestly compare it to other romance novels.  It’s really not just romance.  This book has quite a bit of action and suspense.  I will have to let the readers decide.


Who or what inspired you to write this book?

This book was 100% inspired by the first book Amber and Blue.


What else about your book might pique the reader’s interest?

With the hopes that the reader has finished Amber and Blue, and is dying for its sequel, Amber and Blue II-Victory will show the reader just how far human selfish desire can push one of the characters.  Lucien finds that his gnawing obsession is uncontrollable and he will do anything to get what he wants.  Will the amber eyed Lucien kill Alex to get him out of Grace’s life?  Or will the precious blue eyed Alex lose control and kill Lucien while protecting the girl that he knows belongs to him?  Check out Amber and Blue, and then Amber and Blue II-Victory to find out.


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Victoria Thurman was kind enough to include me in this interview opportunity.  Please take a peek and learn about her newest work Daylight Dawns on Delilah Dunnfield


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My Favorite Character


**Spoiler Alert.

Who is my favorite character in Amber and

You may be surprised.

If you have read Amber and
, you’ve probably found yourself caught up in the struggle between the
two primary male characters. Choosing sides is inevitable.  Who have you
chosen?  Who do you want to disappear?  The precious, slightly clumsy Alex?  The
smooth, but questionable Lucien? And what do they look like?   

Early in
the book, I did choose sides between the two, and it is not the most popular
side.  This might lead you to wonder what will really happen in
Amber and Blue II-Victory.  I will never tell.  🙂

Above all,
the most interesting character to develop was Sebastian.  I realize he was
despised by most readers, but I absolutely loved him!  I found myself egrossed
in the reaseach of what makes this type of individual tick.  What do they think,
how do they feel?  What kind of dark secrets do they hold in their mind?  Did
something happen to them in their childhood to create such

Sebastian wanted to feel normal. He wanted to feel human like
everyone else but could not control his dark inner self.  He was afraid and
forever alone.

Why do you think he was so evil?  What would he have done
to Grace if he hadn’t been stopped?  Was his final act done from the fear of
getting caught, the pain and confusion of how he felt inside, or did he really
love Grace, and deep down, he never wanted to hurt her?

What or who would
you like to know more about?  Give me a shout at or comment
below.  Would love to hear your thoughts or questions. 


The Future vs. Futuristic


What will our future bring?

When I think futuristic, I think Sci-Fi. I think of spaceships, other planets, and aliens with squiggly weird things flapping out of their heads. How long will it take to obtain this type of future? The real question is, will we ever?

When I sat down to write Amber and Blue, I decided to place the setting in the not so distant future. This future, eighty years away, is not much different from our own time. Before I could think of our future, I had to look to our past. What were the cars like eighty years ago? How have they changed? How has technology affected us since then?

I finally came to the conclusion that not much will change. We will still walk this earth with the same two feet, we will still yearn for the beauty of nature, and we will still fall in love much the same as we do today.

Will we have flying cars in eighty years? I’m not hopeful. Our car manufacturers have yet to come up with a decent electric car. I doubt we will see the anti-gravity X-34 landspeeder anytime soon.

Take a closer look at Amber and Blue. You will certainly find a few futuristic touches hidden in its pages. My favorite is Alex’s truck. “In near silence, her motor ran with an electric buzz, but her massive knobbies hummed with a roaring purr when they spun over the pavement.”

Can you spot a few more? Leave a note with your thoughts below or give me a shout at