The old boots fit.  At first glance, I feared their large size might blister my heels but once I slid them on, I marveled at their perfection.  They cradled my feet in their worn leather comfort and were certainly a step up from my current barefoot predicament. They felt like an old friend; a disturbed, dark, old friend.

Then the dreams came.

Behind closed lids, the night brought more than just rest, it brought unwanted terror;  my hands crimson and sticky with blood, the stench of fresh death filling each breath that I took.  Each dream was the same, and when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, it wasn’t my face I saw, it was his.

I hadn’t recognized the old cowboy at first; a killer, a wanted man.  The buzzards picked at his horse nearby; the man’s body bloated, lying face up in a sun parched creek bed.  Not unlike the buzzards, I was there to scavenge his meager belongings, but when I slid on the dead man’s boots, his unholy soul slipped over my own. 

After many years, the dreams finally stopped but the blood still drips from the knife in my hand, pooling around my worn leather boots. I stare down at the people lying dead at my feet; a crimson stained wanted poster discarded on the floor, my likeness etched on the crumpled paper.  I falter, unsure of what I’ve become, but then I remember and smile.  Whatever trail these old boots tread, I’ll surely follow, because after all, they were always a perfect fit.



Special thanks to Pam Tamburello for the photo writing prompt that inspired this story.


4 Reasons why you should read indie books


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January is over, it felt like a whole damn year but we got there. It’s February now and my reading list continues to grow as I continue to network with fellow indie authors.

How many reviews have you left recently? I’ve left 4 this month, and they constitute to 4 reasons why you should read indie books because all of them are written by indie authors!


I opened my reading account with ‘Altaica’ (The Chronicles of Altaica) By Tracy M Joyce. Late last year I reached out via the tweet machine to the indie author writing community. One post particularly gathered a lot of interest including Australia! Tracy M Joyce introduced me to her fantasy world that flowed and read like historic fiction.

In my review I made comparisons to Wilbur Smith and even Tolkien and that is no way an exaggeration because this accessible and immersive book is world…

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Blood of the Sixth By K. R. Rowe – a review


A fantastic new review of Blood of the Sixth.

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A slow burning tale that twists into the deep shadowy darkness of the unexpected…


There’s a lot going on under the surface of this story which sits within the realms of gritty urban horror, mystery and witchcraft. Blood of the Sixth has a complex interwoven plot which is delivered in a way that makes it an easy to follow read; something I imagine the author has worked tremendously hard to achieve. The whole layout of the book from short sharp chapter length, to characters all the way to general story has been well thought out.

Like all good books Blood of the Sixth is about a lot of different things which are all linked by the main story. The concept of something lurking in the shadows is exploited well and gives the book a psychological edge; there were some instances it really got into my head but in a good way. …

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Upside Down

  • IMG_1353 (1).JPG

Yes folks, I do mean upside down in the literal sense.  Inversion to be more specific.  I often do book reviews but not usually product reviews so this is a first.  For years I’ve been plagued with lower back pain.  I’ve never been to an orthopaedic doctor and haven’t officially been diagnosed with anything specific, but I’ve fallen down a few flights of stairs in my life and I’m positive I’ve knocked a few discs out of whack.  When I lived in an apartment, I fell down the outside stairs while carrying a load of laundry. I bounced down the stairs, underwear and socks flying, while my neighbors ran out of their apartments.

“Are you okay?” they asked.

I jumped up like a ninja, feeling like my spine was hanging out and my ass was against my neck. “Yeah, I’m good.”

I wasn’t good, at least not ninja good. I landed against the sharp part of the step with my lower back and it hurt like a bitch for about three weeks.  I was young, and finally the pain went away,  but now that I’m older, the injury comes back to haunt me. Remember that time you flung your dirty underwear all over the apartment stairs like a pervert?  No?  Here let me remind you!  

Nowadays, my job requires that I sit.  I am notorious about not getting up to stretch for long periods of time because I am a diligent worker, of course, and my total awesomeness is beyond compare. (If you are reading this, bossman, raise please.)   Eventually when I do stand, I have to slowly straighten, while groaning like a hound dog with gas.

So I  came across an inversion table article.  According to the article, these things are supposed to work wonders.  Now don’t go ripping me a new one for giving misinformation.  I’m no expert.  I’ve read that it takes gravitational pressure off the nerve roots and disks in your spine and increases the space between vertebrae. Now that sounded great!  Other articles have mentioned increased blood flow to the brain which enhances creativity.  I’m up for that as I’m an author and I don’t want to smoke pot for creativity because I’ll end up falling asleep with a bag of Cheetos and wake up looking like … well, somebody.

The one thing that really excited me was I’ve read that inversion is great for wrinkles and makes a person look younger.  Well, I don’t know about that …  I’ve also read it can make boobs perkier!  Hell yeah, sign me up!

So I now own an Inversion Table!  Perky boobs here I come!

Risks:  Of course, if you have the conditions listed here, you should speak with your doctor before you use it.  As with everything concerning your health, be safe.

One month later …

I’ve been inverting for about a month now and have noticed my lower back is much better. When I stand from sitting for long periods at work, I feel a marked improvement. Prior to using the table, the ache would radiate from my back through my entire torso.  The pain, however, isn’t completely gone.  I have slight muscle ache in my lower back but nothing compared to what it was before.  I would say I’ve had an 85% decrease in my pain level.

I haven’t noticed that I’ve become more creative but it is really relaxing and it gives me quiet time to just think.  Boobs aren’t perkier yet and I don’t think I look much younger.  It might take a little while to reverse (not very many) years of gravity.   One great perk is the inverted sit ups I can do.  They utilize your ab muscles more and don’t strain the back.  If I don’t get any younger, at least I’ll be ripped in a few months.

The biggest downside to doing a full 180 inversion is opening my eyes and finding my cat’s butt in my face.  Not one article mentioned that!

Pros:  Decreased pain in my lower back.   Inverting is relaxing.  I actually look forward to it.  I get much needed “me” time.

Cons:  It hurts my feet and ankles a bit.  When I first started using it, my knee hurt a little too but that finally went away.  If I have a stuffy nose, it blocks my sinuses up and I can’t breathe, but when I return upright, it goes away.  In addition, I think if you overdo it at first you can stretch a few muscles and end up with some extra pain, so please be careful and be safe.  Take it slow.

Personal notes:  I get the occasional migraine but I haven’t noticed an increase in their occurrences.  I also have high blood pressure but I haven’t noticed it raising my blood pressure either.  Never get on the table if you have a headache or uncontrolled high blood pressure.

If you are wondering which one I bought, it was the Teeter NXT-S Inversion Table.  This isn’t an advertisement at all.  In fact, look around.  You can find it at a much better price.  I decided to go with this one because from the research I’ve done, Teeter is supposed to be top quality and might hold its resale value if I decide to unload it.  I’m really liking it at the moment though.  This one in particular is one of their less expensive models, and I looked around and found a sporting goods store with free shipping.

Helpful hint:  If you buy a Teeter, be sure to watch the video on how to put it together first.  It’ll save you a lot of, “What’s this shit?” moments.

If you have any questions, please leave a note in the comments below and I’ll be happy to answer to the best of my knowledge.  Nothing rude please.  I am a comment Nazi and I reserve the right to post only comments that I like.  🙂  Just kidding.

Happy inverting!

-K. R. Rowe

Blood of the Sixth by K.R. Rowe #RBRT #bookreview #TuesdayBookBlog @KRRowe


Awesome review for Blood of the Sixth.

Books and Such

In the quaint Southern town of Port Bella Rosa, something sinister lurks beneath theunnamed-14 cobblestones. When hunger stirs a centuries-old evil, a demon awakens, releasing its hunters in search of prey. Jackals swarm from the mist, seeking out quarry, sating their master with offerings of human flesh.

Allie Kent catches a glimpse of the first victim: a corpse with its organs, muscle and bone all consumed, leaving nothing more than skin behind. While police work to solve the unexplained murder, more bodies are found mutilated. Finally convinced the killer isn’t human, Detective Phillip Chambers is desperate to shield Allie from harm.

But something haunts Allie: shadows spill through her darkened window; nightmares invade her sleep while visions confuse her waking thoughts. With Phillip her only protection, Allie struggles to keep her independence in check while treading a thin line between reality and insanity. But is the evil dwelling beneath the…

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#BadMoonRising Day 16 Blood of the Sixth by K.R. Rowe #IndieAuthor #horror @KRRowe


Books and Such


Today we welcome K.R. Rowe, a girl after my own heart with her love of Deadpool!  And if she’s having a drink with Rick and Carol from The Walking Dead, I want to be there.  I just started her book, Blood of the Sixth, yesterday and this is one you may need to read with the lights on – but off is so much more fun!


In the quaint Southern town of Port Bella Rosa, something sinister lurks beneath the cobblestones. When hunger stirs a centuries-old evil, a demon awakens, releasing its hunters in search of prey. Jackals swarm from the mist, seeking out their quarry and sating their master with offerings of human flesh. Allie Kent catches a glimpse of the first victim: a corpse with its organs, muscle and bone all consumed, leaving nothing more than skin behind. While police work to solve the unexplained murder, more bodies 

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Blood of the Sixth Sneak Peek


Halloween is just around the corner and my latest horror novel has finally hit the shelves.  If you are in the mood for something scary, take a peek at the first chapter of Blood of the Sixth.  If it’s intriguing, grab a copy, turn out the lights, and prepare to get a little scared.  No one is safe from the evil lurking beneath the stones.


Chapter 1


Year 1925—Port Bella Rosa, Louisiana. A wavering glow crawled between his eyelids, forcing them open. Above him, a soot blackened lantern swung in slow circles. Weak veins of light pulsed across the ceiling, doing little to scatter the room’s encroaching darkness. The shadows terrified him; those menacing black specters lurking just beyond the light. A blurred but familiar face swam in Noah’s peripheral vision. The old lady came into focus, but hatred contorted her features into someone he barely recognized. He yanked at the ropes securing him to the table but only managed to dig the twisted knots deeper into his bloodied wrists.

“I warned you,” she hissed.

Memories began to surface in his groggy, scattered thoughts. “Mrs. Hoffius, please, I never meant any harm.”

Turning her back, the old woman ignored him. She stoked the fire in the wood stove and flipped a slab of meat sizzling in a hot cast iron skillet. Noah slid his tongue over a split in his lip, gagging on the sharp bloody taste oozing from the bloated gash.

“I love her, she loves me. I can take care of her.” He lifted his head from the table, trying to reason with her, but a scorching pain ripped through his skull and tore down his neck, settling in his abdomen. “Oh God.”

The old woman sneered. “There is no God.”

“Why are you doing this?”

“You ignored my warning, boy. You’re not fit for my Isabella.”

Smoldering meat thickened the air, its scent almost too dense to breathe, but Noah sucked in deep gulps and stared at the flesh carved away from his chest. His stomach churned, but he wasn’t sure if it was the sight of his mutilated torso or the large section of his intestines protruding from a jagged hole in his abdomen; their bloody mass piled on his pelvis, spilling in thick glistening ropes over the table’s edge. His body spasmed, vomit and blood spewing in a burning stream from his mouth. Acrid smoke curled into his nose but he choked from the stench of his own suffocating terror.

“Christ! You’re eating me!” Unconsciousness threatened to take him. Cold sweat beaded on his pale bloodless skin. Struggling to stay alert, each lung-filling breath twisted his body with waves of pain.

The old woman laughed.

“No, boy. This is my dinner.” She crammed a slimy pork skin between her gums and nodded over her shoulder. He followed her gaze to a line of rat-filled cages pushed against the far wall. “You belong to them.”

If you’d like to read more, you can find Blood of the Sixth at the links below.

Amazon US  

Amazon UK

Blood-Of-The-Sixth-D3 (1)


K.R. Rowe


Today is the release of Blood of the Sixth, the third novel from K.R. Rowe. Her previous two books are Amber and Blue and the sequel Amber and Blue II-Victory. I was lucky enough to have a chance t…

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